Sunday, January 6, 2008

Pie Guy

I originally started talking to this guy right before he went home to his Ontario town for the Christmas holidays. I wanted to meet him at my local cool bar, Else's, but had a bad cold and decided it would not be too attractive to meet while I was hacking away. He did try to convince me though. But I still declined, knowing I would be miserable and that was that.

He continued to text with me, back and forth, over the month he'd been gone. I started to think, he is cute, but sort of lame. But then I would think, well, he is from Ontario. Let's give him a chance. Maybe THAT is what your problem is.

Then D-Day arrived. Today was the decided upon date. He arrived back in the city yesterday with friends. They left today and then he called up, and his date suggestion was, "Let's watch the Canadian Junior's Gold Medal game on TV." I politely declined and hung up.

I went shopping with a friend and decided to avoid the issue. But he kept calling and messaging. And then told me he was ON MY STREET. I thought quickly, as I had already decided I wasn't really interested. Told him a cafe we could meet for pie that was far enough away but still close by so I wouldn't have far to go.

Met him there and immediately did not feel anything. Spent a couple hours listening to his lame stories, all while thanking G-d I had been sat facing the street so at least I would have some entertainment.

He, like a gentleman, paid for our bill. I texted him to thank him afterwards and he replied, "Good luck in the future." I guess I wasn't the only person who didn't feel it.


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