Monday, January 28, 2008

Here We Go Again

So I have overbooked myself to keep myself busy so I don't obsess over meeting someone that I am interested in. I know myself and know that I can easily lose myself in daydreams of what can be.

After two days of almost no contact with Stephen, I had some fairly upsetting news and with my not feeling well and exhaustion, I pretty much lost it.

Figuring that it was now Monday and things getting back to normal routine, I could possibly have the second non-date with him and start seeing where this relationship is leading.

But no.

He has a friend who has apparently developed more feelings for him. And, you guessed it, he's interested. Being the one girl guy that is claims to be, it seems like I may not get my shot. And it's being blamed on semantics. If only we had met earlier he says.

A tearful phone conversation later, it seems like I may be given a chance since he is not that sure about her, and had liked what he knew of me so far.

I'm so torn as a) I really am attracted to him and b) I don't want to feel like I have to compete against someone. I really do want to take the chance, but I don't want to set myself up for bigger future hurt either.

But, knowing myself, I will take that chance. I have never been able to stop believing in love, so why start now?

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Anonymous said...

"I have never been able to stop believing in love, so why start now?"

Well, if that's what you call "love", why not... But as far as I can read, I see a story ending even before it started. A disenchanted girl. And a guy shopping his next gf.