Saturday, September 6, 2008

Who Are You?!

Text messages from a random...

- Salut xx
- ScoTTT. Bonne journee xxx
- Scottt qui voulait te donner un lift hier soir!
- Tu avais trop bu, je suis le seul qui te crusait pas, l'ami a steve.
- Ok je catches maintenant j'ai 2sabrina sans mon iphone dsl
- On a vu un renard ensemble...
- Did you sell the cross i sold you to
- That's the funniest thing i've ever witnessed! Thanks so much for this fortunate turn of events! Hahaha xx
- Forget it, you came to my recording studio
- Call me
- Your in my phonebook so we must have met in the past...
- Sabrina?
- Whats your "field" of work?
- Ok I know who you are now. Forgive the intrusion i shan't bother you ever again.
- No one you know. I'm sorry to have bothered you. I've removed you from my phonebook.
- Hope you fixed your iphone...
- May i call you? Im confused now
- Im a studio recording engineer, i am drug free, i teach safe adult roleplaying, electroplay, i am a mac expert, anything ring a bell?
- Ray Malone
- ScoTTT
- Yes! I guess i value my privacy as much as you do. Again i'm very sorry to have bothered you.
- Just wish i knew how you got into my phone, i hate unsolved mysteries!