Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gray Robe of Seduction

Or maybe not...

I went with two new friends to a burlesque show and had a few drinks, so when the suave older guy I'd met earlier on that breakfast date texted me his address, I thought to myself, "PERFECT!" After all, what better way to get over someone and move on then a good old fashioned SHAG.


I picked up a bottle of wine and a burger at Buns, hopped in a cab and was on my way across town to his swanky abode. Though he neglected to advise me that his road was under construction, so I had to jump out of the cab and hoof it IN HEELS through a construction zone.

I arrived there to him answering the door in a ratty gray terry cloth robe. He refused to drink wine and was downing rum straight up. He showed me his pumpkin art made out of old postage stamps. He also divulged that he had lied about his age. Then he tried to get me to touch him repeatedly. No seduction AT ALL.

He actually grabbed my hand and put it down there. Commando under the robe. UGH. And it was FLACCID. Seriously guy, how is THAT supposed to turn me on?

I totally ran out, mumbling that I'd take a rain check, jumped the bus home (was NOT worth more wasted cab fare) and made it home, almost unscathed.

Lesson learnt: older men who are single are single for a reason.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Moving Right Along

It's amazing that once you make an effort just how many interesting and cool people there are out there.

Two date already set up for this week and a few more tentative plans in the makings. And all with really interesting cool people.

Funny how I am getting more validation and compliments from these new people than I ever did from the last one. Another sign.

A sign also is that despite him telling me that his heart belongs to his ex and that he cannot deal with being with someone else right now he went out on a date apparently. So he is just a liar really. I don't know if he thought he was sparing my feelings. I'd much rather honesty than this.

Either way, I'm still not the person sitting at home every night, crying and getting drunk.

And date number one for tonight is HOT. Smokin'... I have been excited about it since we met yesterday. He's cute, fun, definitely spontaneous and we spoke for hours without getting bore. Plus he's making me practice my French. And that's just plain sexy.

Can't wait!!!!! I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas. It really is quite something.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Online Again

Ok, so there are a few interesting people... but really, I just got sent this:

"I really like your first picture, looks like it's out of a Sears catalogue :P."

Um, what the HELL? This is supposed to be a complement?

Friday, October 22, 2010

10 Things I Hate About You

Last night when I couldn't sleep in the middle of the night because I'd fallen asleep much earlier, I started thinking about the things that I didn't like about my last guy.

Yes I found him charming and funny and really cute at times.

But then there was the fact he flirted on Twitter constantly with other girls. He said it was ok because we'd met on there. (Logic? Zero)

He also would always be playing with his cell phone instead of talking to me in the few hours a week we'd see each other. (Courtesy? Zero)

He slept on MY side of the bed so I'd have to crawl over him to get out of bed since I usually had to get up earlier AND he had the worst heartattack inducing alarm that he'd snooze several times. (Morning & bedside manners? Zero)

He was never on time and this is one of my pet peeves. Especially since he was late because he was ONLINE talking to other people. (Promptness? Zero)

Yes he would sort of make my bed when he left in the morning, but he'd never help do dishes or anything despite the fact I would cook when we stayed in. (I am not a maid. Zero)

Ok, ok... You get the point. I could keep nitpicking. The thing is, I'm not sure if these things are huge or I just find them huge now. Actually, scratch that. I detested the fact that he felt that he could flirt with other women because we'd met that way and that he always seemed preoccupied when we were together and NOT invested in being with me at all. I felt more like a convenience and not really like someone he wanted to be with.

So the trick now is to make a list of the things that are absolutes for me and stick to it. Even if it means being lonely. Winter may be cold but a bad relationship is colder.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hold On To Your Men

Yup, she's single again. After a few minutes of angry tears, and I really do mean A FEW MINUTES, I was back at it again... Meeting and chatting with someone who seemed uber cool.

I can say that SA wasn't necessarily a bad guy. A douchebag for the way he ended things. Showing up late and giving me back my key, not even letting me say anything and giving me the old "It's not you, it's me" speech.

But it really IS him. Pining over his ex who most likely cheated on him and dumped him FOUR times. Yes, that will get you far in life. Choosing to obsess about someone who clearly does not want you and doesn't even live near you or speak to you. GENIUS.

So I messaged back someone who had sent me a message on OkCupid ages ago. Who I had found interesting but being the loyal gal that I am, I ignored until now.

Yup, t minus 30 minutes and I was moving on. Angry about the mistreatment from SA but ready to go, ON TO THE NEXT!!!

So I guess my heart isn't broken, but my pride may be a bit bruised.