Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sing Sing

So the other night I went on a date to meet a Circus performer guy I'd met online. He seemed cool and we knew people in common and had spoken on the phone a bunch of times. He always came to my local bar and tried to entice me out with promises of free booze, so finally I said yes. (Incidentally, I had been to that bar on Wednesday with a friend and he had stared at me the whole time, but I ignored him.)

So I decided that bar was too busy and loud, and we ended up at Sing Sing. He called it "too gay" and said it smelt like fish. So then my fabulous friend, Ben Gay walked in. We went to sit with him.......annnnnnnddddddddd DATE OVER!

He tried to pick up another girl at the bar while I was sitting with him. I'm happy though, I met the way cool owner, some crazy guy named Chuck and a bunch of other people.

I have declared it my new hang out.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Gay Zombie

Or maybe in the closet....

XXXX: well, I also love to dance in gay clubs, like Parking on Thursdays. It's like my philosophy about travel; if I see something awesome (lifestyle-wise), I am not afraid to latch onto it and make it mine.
but you've hit on something... I am a little non-dude like. Most of my friends are women, 'cause I relate well to "feminine" topics, like fashion and decorating and talking about feelings
don't tell anyone, but I don't like hockey or cars
they might take away my canadian citizenship if anyone finds out
hah, this is fun. I'm trying to teach myself advanced AJAX code, and trying to get to know you at the same time.
although I feel like I'm doing a lot of talking about me, but I swear I'm not self centered. In fact, I'm a great listener in person