Monday, October 25, 2010

Moving Right Along

It's amazing that once you make an effort just how many interesting and cool people there are out there.

Two date already set up for this week and a few more tentative plans in the makings. And all with really interesting cool people.

Funny how I am getting more validation and compliments from these new people than I ever did from the last one. Another sign.

A sign also is that despite him telling me that his heart belongs to his ex and that he cannot deal with being with someone else right now he went out on a date apparently. So he is just a liar really. I don't know if he thought he was sparing my feelings. I'd much rather honesty than this.

Either way, I'm still not the person sitting at home every night, crying and getting drunk.

And date number one for tonight is HOT. Smokin'... I have been excited about it since we met yesterday. He's cute, fun, definitely spontaneous and we spoke for hours without getting bore. Plus he's making me practice my French. And that's just plain sexy.

Can't wait!!!!! I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas. It really is quite something.

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