Monday, January 21, 2008

Dystopian Society In His Head

So it has been months of me exchanging missives with one Canadian author. First, I DETEST the word "Dystopian" and I think the concept is utter shite. But I digress. His voice, in a reading online, made me cringe and his writing was completely horrible. Greg still has not forgiven me for making him suffer with it.

But, bored, I decided to go out for a drink with him last night. I didn't want to and he insulted me numerous times via email before, but then I thought, maybe I am being too sensitive.


I should learn to trust my instincts more. He was a jerk and narcissistic to a fault. Like enormously so.

It was the longest hour of my life. He was clearly uninterested, cheap and rude.

Lesson for this date - never go on a date with someone who writes like that. Horrible.

And never trust a man with a beard.

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