Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So last week I succumbed to a fever, which I have not had since I was a child. It was quite horrible. But good news, I had just met a doctor. He offered to come over and check on me, but I declined... Who wants to have their new beau see them in that state?

I was feeling better but still awful on Thursday so decided to meet him for a quick date. Decided I needed to keep the momentum going on this new relationship and text messages were not cutting it.

He suggested Juliet & Chocolate. What better way to heal than that I thought! So I met him there, but couldn't hear him as apparently he insists on mumble talking and my ears were kinda blocked from being sick. I kept having to ask him to repeat himself, which was wearing my patience thin.

Then he insisted on trying to invite himself over. Meanwhile I'm headachy, achy & tired. Um, no thanks?

After the thirtieth time (approximately) I firmly declined (again) and that was that.

He walked me home and then I texted him the next day. No answer. There has been no answer since. Almost a week later.

I guess he really was only looking to show me his bedside manner...

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Jessica said...

Men really go a long way just to sleep with women. I'm not sure what goes through their head when they try to woo us, then get us, and then run away forever. How is that OK, by anyone's standards, unless it's agreed upon by both people?

Anger anger anger. Sorry to hear, hun. :(

- DrunkWithLust