Sunday, January 16, 2011


Not quite sure but it looks like I got stood up. Miss Sugarpuss alone.

Not happy. Apparently he is a complete jerk. Now I am going to this play alone & I waited in the cold for a half hour for him.

Idiot eventually showed up but I was very unimpressed. Miss Sugarpuss was great though!

@reply He showed up, just late and annoying. OVER.

@reply He showed up.... eventually. But he's done. No one make me wait that long and in that cold.

@reply Absolutely not. He was a weirdo.

And to top it all off, when guy showed up, he practically had a suitcase with him. Not sure what he thought was going to happen tonight?

So I walked him to the Metro after the play, pretended I was going in and faked it, ran out and into Chinatown's protection.

Then walked home talking to @******** on the phone, doing a post-mortem, lucky for me she keeps me sane.

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Sunny Heart said...

Looks like getting fully stood-up would have been a notch better on the date ladder.