Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Little Guy

He seems cool though a perpetuates a bit of the stereotype of a rich kid. And he lives in his mom's basement. (REALLY not sure how I feel about that.)

Picked me up from work & drove to get a coffee at Olimpico, which was FANTASTIC btw. He get MAJOR points for liking really good coffee. Plus the Italians there were yelling at each other, so it was an amusing show.

But he didn't stop talking for a second. His stories were all kind of outrageous and I find myself thinking over them and wondering how truthful they are. But at least I was highly entertained.

But then he started talking about his cat and how he was his "Little Guy" and about all the nicknames he had for his cat. Plus how his cat was Jewish like him because he loved bagels. But he was going to buy his a Christmas present.

He then also showed me his gun card.

Um, somehow despite all the weirdness, I'm kind of intrigued. He is really attractive and gentlemanly, but hmmmm....

He did send me a post date text message soon afterwards... And I like that.

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