Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Brit Part Deux

Well, here we go again. Met a guy online, again British... What is it with you Commonwealth folk? I love the Queen and all, but is it better here than jolly ol' England?

Anyway, he seemed nice, wanted to meet to watch the Grey Cup. I was debating it - then was cold & tired after the trek back to the city from visiting my family. Decided to stay home.

He kind of pitched a fit. I offered to meet the next day. He accepted.

Then canceled the next day. Why? Because he drank too much the night before because I had canceled.
Um, what? We don't even know each other yet?!

So I sort of tuned out for awhile... Then he left me a 5 minute voice mail asking me if I was ok, or if something had happened to me. Then the incessant text messages.

Why do I inspire this? Really now?

Should I meet him?

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